A resolution for 2013

| 29 January, 2013 21:11

  I have 3 wonderful days this week that I can work in my studio. I drive 40 min. to get here, so tonight I am pulling an all nighter....with a few hours of sleep on our couch. I didn't want to break my focus on my work and this is not the first time I've stayed here. It feels great! I'm just about done with a painting on canvas 20" x 50" . In the morning I will be photographing new work for the website and for two shows coming up this Spring. Another studio member, Carol, came in tonight to chat with me about self promotion. This year we are going to rachet up our efforts to gain wider exposure. I've been doing the "research" and am trying to put together a plan of action for myself as well as my two studio mates, Carol and Chris. Our work is quite different but we decided that a group effort might keep us motivated and on track. No one has to bend my arm to go to the studio to create, but the self promotion has been taken care of when the immediate need arises and not on a regular basis. So I resolve to pencil in time each week to attend to the business/self promotion side of creating art.